The benefits of a concrete patio area

Concrete patios are among the most popular construction choices for outdoor entertainment areas in the Northern Beaches. It’s easy to see why both homeowners and contractors alike prefer and demand a concrete patio finish—it is quick in pouring, versatile, and durable.

With the changes brought upon by the pandemic, more and more people are trying to step up their outdoor entertainment game. Loved not only for its overall aesthetic, concrete it a durable, trustworthy favourite. If you’re looking for a long-time investment for your home, then concrete may be a very viable option for your needs.

Our climate calls for a usable, pleasing outdoor space that can be used all year round. There are many options to choose from when it comes to construction materials: timber decking, composite, pavers, concrete and more. This article looks at why we think concrete is the best choice for your patio area.

Make the outdoor space more usable all year round

As mentioned earlier, our love and need for a usable, outdoor area in our homes has been reimagined and needed now more than ever. People have spent a lot of time cooped up inside, and now is the perfect time to amp up your outdoor entertainment area!

A well constructed and designed patio area will transform your property as it offers an extended living room to receive your guests or an alternative dining room where you can also mingle and cook at the same time. Nothing quite like a summer’s evening enjoyed outdoors in the comfort of your own property. In the winter, a patio area gives an opportunity to use the outdoor area next to a heater, a cosy winter’s evening nestled with a blanket and some wine. Choosing concrete for your patio means that whatever the weather, your patio will be sturdy all year round.

Little to no maintenance

Aside from quick installation, concrete patios are a game changer when it comes to strength. Rain, harsh sunlight, frosty winters—the weather impacts the desirability to go outdoors, but with a carefully designed patio area, you will be comfortable in accessing the outdoor space no matter the weather. Choosing concrete for your building material will result in a very low maintenance surface which is easy to clean, using a power washer or hose or a simple sweep will mean you have a clean, usable surface at your disposal. If you notice cracks due to foundation movements or a heavy object falling and chipping an area, it is recommended to have your patio resealed to avoid further chipping or cracking and to maintain its vibrant colour as well if you have decorative concrete. But besides repairs and addressing cracks early, concrete is a very low maintenance material compared to timber decks or even pavers. For some tips on how to maintain an exposed aggregate surface, read this article.

Durable, long-lasting

A well constructed concrete slab will last the ages. With the right reinforcement and proper installation by professional concreters, a concrete patios could outlast your property! They last for a very long time, many decades to say the least.

Concrete patio finishes don’t require much high maintenance, to be able to last a long time. Concrete patios withstand heavy foot, furniture, and even some vehicle traffic. Installing a concrete patio may also cost less than brick, stone, or pavers depending on the choice in materials. Unlike other construction materials, a concreted area won’t generally become uneven, unless there are significant movements in the foundations or if the concrete was too thin or the ground not prepared adequately. You also keep growing grass or weeds from growing because of the pattern of the concrete. Not only it does look fantastic but concreted patios mean a lot less weeding than pavers, even if a weed mat is used.  

Versatile aesthetics

With a concreted patio, creativity is endless. Gone are the old days of boring grey slabs! Whether you want your patio to match your home’s tone or you want to experiment with your option, concrete is versatile as anything. Since the concrete is poured on-site, it could be customised to your preference—concrete patios are available in a wide range: coloured, stencil, and exposed aggregate. Concrete comes in various design styles for concrete patios.

Reliable, even surface

Traction is important for not only entertainment, but it increases the usability of the outdoor area, having a flat even surface will allow more options with outdoor furniture. It is also a good feature especially when you have kids running around or elderly people strolling by, it’s safer to walk on—you lessen the risk of dangerous accidents through the use of a concrete patio which simply means a flat surface. Concrete patios are durable and smooth—so even if cracks start appearing, you can always re-pour, fill it up, and smooth it over, preventing possible injuries or accidents. 

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Investing in designing and building an outdoor entertainment area is a great use of resources. Choose the materials that would give you the best ROI in durability.

Elegant and durable, a concrete patio is a solution fit for both modern and old style homes. The strength and durability of concrete patios are unmatched, relieving you of future safety or repair concerns.

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