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    Quality Slab Construction

    If you’re planning on constructing a new shed, to ensure it holds up over time, you’ll need a sturdy concrete slab to support it. The ideal foundation will meet the manufacturer’s specifications and support the shed’s intended use. 

    We’re the local Northern Beaches concreting company that homeowners turn to for all their residential slab needs. We offer slabs for the following purposes:

    • Sheds
    • Garages
    • Carports
    • Extensions
    • Granny flats
    • Caravan/motorhome parking

    When we construct the perfect foundation for your project, we’ll ensure that every consideration is taken, including drainage in the area. Low-caliber concreters skip over these essential details, which can leave you in a bind later on, this is why you need to be selective about who you work with. 

    Our high quality of service makes us the go-to concreter for Northern Beaches. When you want quality work completed, you can trust you’ll get it done right, by contacting us.

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    Guarantee your new shed is built to last by investing in a quality concrete slab.

    While it may be tempting to go with the cheapest quote, this may end up being the most costly decision you make! With all the handyman concreters out there who aren’t experienced or knowledgeable in the ins and outs of concrete, saving a few bucks on your concrete shed slab could result in a massive failure that you need to pay someone else to fix or replace. 

    When you hire us for the job, you’ll be treated to precision results delivered right the first time. You’ll enjoy a hassle-free service providing the best foundation for your new structure.

    Quality Concrete Slabs, Built to Last

    concrete slab northern beaches

    Shed Slabs

    Regardless of the purpose of your new shed, its foundation is one of the most crucial parts of its construction. Many considerations go into the design and build of the best slab for your shed, including the structure’s location, size, and what you will store in it. These factors will determine how thick the slab needs to be and whether it needs to be reinforced. No matter what size or shape your new shed will be, we will create your new foundation to ensure the longevity of your construction.

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    Slab for Carport or Caravan

    Adding a concrete slab for your carport will benefit your vehicle in the long run. Parking on bare ground can increase the cleaning and maintenance you need to perform, especially when it gets muddy and wet. The concrete slab will also make it look tidier. When your car isn’t parked there, you can use it for other activities, making it highly versatile. Concrete is a durable option that will stay strong for years without requiring much from you. It will also provide your carport with a stable base to stand on. Especially if you have a caravan that will be stationary for long periods of time, a stable, solid concrete base will be essential. We also offer driveway concreting for residential properties. 

    granny flats concrete slab northern beaches

    Granny Flat or Home Extension Slab

    If you plan on extending your home or building a granny flat, it is essential to have a strong foundation for construction. Anything less could result in a tragic failure of your new construction that you invested so much in. To avoid this, we take the time to ensure precision work is completed for your installation. You’re guaranteed a quality concrete slab the first time. You won’t have to worry about your new building failing because your foundation will be built to stand the test of time. 

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    Experienced Concreter Servicing the Northern Beaches

    Whether you need a new concrete shed slab or are building a granny flat, we’re your go-to concreter in Northern Beaches. Our team has gained extensive experience and knowledge over the years, allowing us to provide exceptional concreting services to our community. Here’s a look at why our customers turn to us:

    • Years of experience in the concreting business: We have gained tremendous experience over the years, learning every facet of the concreting industry, which has allowed us to develop our skills and expertise in delivering the highest quality of service to our customers and honed in problem-solving skills.
    • Good communication, friendly, approachable and honest: We dedicate ourselves to providing punctual and timely communication that ensures you stay informed about every step of your project.
    • Durable results due to following sound processes: We specialise in following the correct processes to ensure our work is only of the highest calibre of workmanship.
    • Commercial and residential: While we specialise in residential services, we also complete small commercial projects. Reach out to find out more.
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    Need a New Concrete Slab? Get One in 4 Easy Steps



    When you need a new concrete shed slab, give us a call or fill out our online contact form.

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    We’ll expertly install your new concrete slab, ensuring it’s exactly what you need to support your new construction.


    You’ll have a solid foundation you can depend on for your new shed.

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    A bit more information on our Northern Beaches slab construction services

    What kind of slabs do we build?

    We offer slabs of all sizes to accommodate whatever type of shed, granny flat, or carport you’re building. No matter what kind or size of slab you need, it will be of premium quality to support the structure you intend to construct. The kinds of slabs we build include: 

    • Shed slabs
    • Carport or garages
    • Extensions
    • Granny flats/ bungalows 
    • Slab for a caravan to be parked on 

    Is it necessary to have a concrete slab for a shed?

    You cannot have a durable shed without a solid foundation. In fact, it is the most critical piece of the entire construction. Its thickness will be determined by what you plan to store, while the need for reinforcement will be determined by its size. Without this critical part of the structure, your shed won’t be very durable.

    Concrete finishes for slabs

    Commonly, concrete slabs are built with standard plain concrete as they are not often seen or celebrated as the feature of the structure. However we do offer decorative concrete for exposed areas like carports, the choices we offer include the following:

    • Plain concrete
    • Coloured concrete
    • Exposed aggregate concrete

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